3hr Accredited Ergonomic Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Seminar
Personnel will learn skills for looking after their musculoskeletal health for injury prevention by addressing postural and muscular imbalances relating to their daily work tasks.
Participants receive the following Unit of Competency upon completion of this course: Spine Smart: HLTWHS005 – Conduct Manual Tasks Safely

30min or 1hr Ergonomic Seminar
This seminar provides participants with basic understanding of office ergonomics, back care, muscle imbalances, manual handling, posture and stretching. Support material includes a smart workstation setup guide.

Ergonomic Assessments

20min Individual Workstation Ergonomic Assessments include a detailed workstation setup card with information on ergonomics, posture and stretching; as well as a report with individual recommendations for improvements.
Assessments are recommended only after the individual has completed the 30min or 1hr Ergonomic Seminar.

Ergonomic Workstation Set-up coaching

Individual coaching on how to effectively set-up a workstation to minimise injury and maximise comfort´┐╝´┐╝

Postural Assessments

Individual Postural assessments may be conducted along with recommendations on how to improve postural and muscular imbalances