Start Smart







6hr Accredited Start Smart At Work Warm Up and Stretching Course

An intensive ‘train the trainer’ program designed specifically to assist with reducing injuries through improved musculoskeletal health. This educational and interactive course encourages team building/bonding as well as helping to facilitate a healthy workplace culture. There are 3 levels in the Start Smart Course as follows:

  • Level 1 – Accreditation. This course is for accreditation of volunteered ‘Coaches’ in the workplace who will conduct the daily Start Smart warm ups and stretches.
  • Level 2 – Advanced. This course provides a professional development opportunity for current coaches to further develop and improve their skills and techniques in group warm up and stretching.
  • Level 3 – Master. At this level Master Coaches may liaise directly with WSH to assist with managing the quality of their Start Smart program.

Material provided with this course includes – Coach training manuals, accreditation certificates and cards, and quick reference cards.

Support Material

Additional material is available to assist with program sustainability and longevity, including Start Smart warm up and stretch Poster Series and Pocket Warm Up and Stretch cards. This material can be purchased independently of a Start Smart program.

Workplace Coaching

Following the Start Smart Course, WSH Professionals may observe coaches of all levels conduct their at-work warm up and stretching routine to offer guidance and support. This helps to build the confidence of Start Smart Coaches.

Warm-up and Stretching Facilitation

WSH Professionals may help to introduce the Start Smart program to employees by facilitating one or more sessions with the newly trained coaches. This helps with employees who may be particularly resistant to the new program while also increasing program effectiveness and sustainability.

Toolbox Talks

20min toolbox talks are conducted by WSH professionals to discuss the benefits of warm ups and stretches in the workplace and their importance in musculoskeletal injury prevention.