Health Smart





Workshops and seminars

These 1hr Workshops give personnel the opportunity to gain knowledge in an open and interactive environment. Personnel are encouraged to participate and engage during these sessions.

  • Think Smart (Fatigue, Stress & Mental Health)
  • Move Smart (Active Living)
  • Eat Smart (Nutrition & Hydration)
  • Heart Smart (Heart Health)
  • Play it Smart (Drug & Alcohol)
  • Gender Smart (Men & Women’s Health)

Health Screens

Personnel undergo individual health screens that may include but are not limited to blood glucose monitoring; blood pressure checks; cholesterol levels; and musculoskeletal assessments. The following levels are available depending on your requirements:

  • Gold – 45mins
  • Silver – 30mins
  • Bronze – 20mins

1:1 Consultations

Individuals attend a 20min 1:1 consultation with a WSH professional to discuss and set health related goals. This may include tailored nutritional plans and fitness programs.

Fitness Classes

WSH Professionals conduct a range of exercise sessions to assist employees in actively achieving their health goals. The following classes are available depending on your requirements:

  • Stress and relaxation
  • Core Strengthening
  • Boot Camp

Organisational Health Profiles

Receive a full health profile of your organisation including data from before and after program implementation and your return on investment.

Soft Tissue Therapy

For a more holistic approach to workplace health and wellbeing, WSH also offers Corporate Massage.